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The Lesser-Known Facts About The Indian Traditional Dress Saree


11th September 2020

First of all, saree is now a fashionable garment for women all over the world. Traditionally, it is worn by Indian women, but women from many other countries are also wearing saree because of their love for Asian culture. Saree is also worn in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It is purely a functional garment that can be worn everyday while pursuing our daily chores without any hindrance. Often misunderstood and yet much loved, if you are searching for buying sarees online, here are the top interesting facts about saree that will make you love this garment more than before.

More Than Just A Handwoven Cloth

Those amongst us who have heard or seen saree, we only know that it is a single piece of unstitched fabric which often comes with more substantial sections to drape correctly. The border of this garment is woven with heavier density, which is also referred to as “pallu” and often has the main decorative part of the saree.

However, the definition of saree has evolved with time because nowadays the description of saree also count aspects like textile woven by mill or by hand, frequently with one constant density. At the same time, the term ‘saree’ is now inclusive of contemporary materials like cotton, silk, synthetic fibres and others.

Saree can be Worn Over A Hundred Ways

If you are interested in wearing a saree and searching for ‘how to wear a saree’ in Google, you will come across hundreds of videos that will provide you with step-by-step instructions of the different way of wearing saree. Usually, people come to the conclusion that there is only one way to wear saree which is the ‘Nivi’ drape, yet the truth is that there are almost hundreds of various ways to drape a saree. In actually, the drape style is regional specific as similar to the food and language in India. It is the result of the context geography and function of the country.

It is also considered that there are still drapes of wearing saree in the current times which have not been documented yet.

Saree Ranges From 3.5 Yards to 9 Yards in Length

The saree garment is generally thought to be 9 yards in length, yet the various draping styles need the sarees to be of different length for various drapes.

Safety Pins are Hardly Needed for Wearing Saree

It is a common belief that safety pins are required for maintaining the drapes in the saree. However, the truth is that a safety pin gives a more secure feeling to the person wearing it as they fear the risk of ‘ falling off’, but in reality, they are actually not required. On the other hand, over usage of safety pins make the garment appear more rigid, which should not be the case.

On a concluding note, saree is an easy-to-wear garment, plus anyone can wear them without any hindrance. To know more about saree, contact Lotus Atelier and get the best guidance in this case.

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