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Choosing the Perfect Anarkali Indian Dresses for Your Wardrobe Made Easy


10th September 2020

Ethnic Indian wear is not just pretty to look at, but it is also elegant, amazing and breath-taking in its presence and charisma. There is no wonder that along with Indians living abroad, people from different countries and cultures are also opting for some Indian dresses to enhance their wardrobes. The variety of ethnic Indian wear is extensive, and as a result, choosing something can be quite a confusing affair. Amongst all the available options, selecting an Anarkali dress will be a wise decision on your part.

Knowing About Anarkali Suits

An Anarkali is a salwar suit where the top or kurta portion is long. Depending on the type of Anarkali you are choosing, the length can be anywhere between ankle to the floor. It is also a perfect attire for a party or wedding or any family function. If you are confused about the dress that will suit your personality the most, then the following information will be quite useful.

The different options of Anarkali available for your perusal are: 

The Classic Anarkali Suit

If you are not into anything flashy or over the top, rather you like something beautiful in an understated way, then the classic style of Anarkali will be more to your liking. The classic abaya suits are considered the signature of traditional and modest women-wear and will suit you perfectly.

The Asymmetric Diva Variety

This is one of the simplest variations of the classic Anarkali suit which retains its modest nature, but the asymmetrical silhouette put it right at the edge of today’s fashion scenario. Usually, the asymmetry is included in the hemline of the top or kurta portion of the dress.

The Floor-Length Princess Vibe

A very compelling reason behind the continued popularity of Anarkali dresses and their association to royalty is because of their floor-length and resemblance to the gowns of the Victorian era. With the right embellishments and floral touches, this variation of the dress will make you feel like a princess.

Pant Style Special Number

For a floor-length dress, showing off embellished pants is not easy, but with the use to right kind of materials and strategically places slits, modern Anarkali is quite capable of achieving that result. This particular bit of contemporary influence has made this style popular and unique.

The Imperial Style

The Pishwa dresses are considered amongst the poshest of women ethnic wear. Its flamboyant silhouette and natural inclination towards opulence make this style of Anarkali truly majestic and impressive.

Jacket Style for an Added Funk

It may seem that it is not much you can do with an ethnic dress like Anarkali, but the addition of a jacket to the ensemble has proven this idea wrong thoroughly. A jacket adds the perfect balance between ethnic and modern in the dress.

Layered Anarkali Number

An Anarkali that has multiple layers or tiers has reached the perfect balance between sophisticated and fashionable. These layers give the Anarkali suit a luxurious look which cannot be achieved in any other way.

Gown Style for Parties

Women’s ethnic wear is not readily associated with party-appropriate wardrobe, but with gown style Anarkali, you can flaunt the best of both worlds. It will make you look regal enough for a party and without compromising the modern touch.

These are some of the different styles of Anarkali available, and you can choose any of them that suits your personality perfectly.

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