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The Top 5 Indian Suits to Purchase Online and Add to Your Wardrobe


5th October 2020

Traditional Indian suits are beautiful contributions to the country and culture has to make in enriching the wardrobe of a woman. If you are all about shopping, the most convenient and safe option at the moment is going online. There are multiple websites that will provide you with stunning Indian suits online. Your task will be going through the available options and choosing the most suitable of the lot.

Some points of advice for the beginner

If you are in the mood to begin a new trend for your wardrobe and wondering about the starting points, then suits will be an excellent introductory point. If you set a structure to the wardrobe from the very beginning, it will be easier to build-up on that. This is why; you need to know about the five types of Indian suits that should be a part of your wardrobe. Keeping these tips and suggestions in mind will prove to be quite helpful.

The types of Indian suits you need 

The different types of Indian suits that you need to purchase are: 

Anarkali salwar kameez 

This particular type of salwar suit is perfect for almost everybody kind, and it accentuates the figure of the wearer correctly. The set consists of a floor-length Frock style kameez , and its unique design will make one appear different from the crowd. There are various options and styles available, but most people tend to opt for something heavy and gorgeous. The only advice you will need in this context is not to overdo the decorative elements while purchasing the suit.

Palazzo pant suit

This is the dress which does not always go as a salwar kameez and has been in circulation for quite some time, but it seems that in the last couple of years, it has gained more popularity. Being comfortable and stylish are two of the best traits of this dress.

High slit style suit         

The high slit salwar kameez has become a hot fashion trend in recent times. The best part is, along with being perfect for parties and social gatherings, they are suitable as work wear too. Due to its versatile nature, this dress is becoming a favourite with women of all ages and body types. The high slit Kurti or kameez is often paired with a palazzo or churidar. In short, this dress gives your personality a boost and creates a different appearance for you.

Straight cut salwar suit

This particular style of salwar may seem simple and boring, but in reality, they give you the perfect opportunity to explore new trends while remaining rooted in the basic. These salwars are becoming trendy these days and their slightly different hemlines, the cut beginning from waistlines and parallel nature of the suit makes the setting smart, neat and stunning. The narrow edges will only enhance the beauty of the setting further.

Punjabi suit 

This version of the salwar suit can be called spicy, and its birthplace has been Patiala of Punjab. The signature of this dress is the usually simple and perfect fitting kameez and the exquisitely stitched voluminous salwar. The pleats on the salwar is also an example of the craftsmanship involved in creating these pieces.

If you are coming up with a wardrobe where Indian dresses are not merely included but given a position of pride, then these are the types of Indian Suits you should purchase. Once you have one of each type, building on them and creating an impressively beautiful wardrobe will become easier.

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