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A Guide to Help You Find The Right Indian Wear For A Festive Occasion


30th August 2020

Picking the right kind of Indian wear that will suit you in the best possible way is essential. Mainly when there is any festival coming up or a special occasion, dressing up in delightful Indian wear is a joy altogether. But, picking the perfect Indian clothing isn’t an easy task provided the diverse types of clothing one usually finds in the country. There are dresses of varied patterns, designs, draping styles etc. Moreover, only by opting for the right Indian clothes shops, can you be assured that you will find them.

It is incredibly critical that you keep in mind a few vital aspects while buying the right Indian wear for an upcoming festival or other celebration, particularly if you want to keep it entirely ethnic.

What is the Occasion or Reason for which you are Planning to buy?

Before you proceed, the first and foremost thing that you must be clear about the occasion for which you are planning to buy an Indian dress. Know if it a religious festival like Ganesh Chaturthi or Id or a colourful festival like Holi. It is particularly important so that you can pick the best and the most elegant looking dress. You must keep in mind that Indian clothing has emerged due to the cultural assimilation of diverse communities, with diverse ethnic origins and languages, customs, rituals and practices.

There is a unique sense of unity despite all diversities, which is reflected in almost every aspect of Indian culture. Therefore, if you shop for an Indian dress, keeping in mind this vital aspect of Indian culture, you will surely be able to pick the right one. It will also help you decide whether you should go for a saree or a lehenga or a salwar kameez.

Choice of Colour has A Crucial Role to Play

To most people who haven’t shopped for Indian clothing before, they usually have the notion that it’s all about wearing something colourful with beautiful embroidery, sequins, and designs. While colour does play an essential role in adding traditional charm to Indian clothing, it is also much beyond that. Colour plays a very significant role in highlighting the significance of the occasions. Festivals are known for their exuberance, vibrancy and joyousness, which gets reflected in the costumes.

Bright hues that exhibit positive energy and showcase merriment are often the ideal choice to pick. Usually, shades of red, yellow, pink, green, orange with golden and silver thread-works or other forms of embellishments are most preferred for festivals. White tones, in combination with different colours, are also a great favourite. You can look for such beautiful hues while buying an ethnic dress in Indian clothes shops.

Teaming up with The Right Accessories

The best part about Indian wear is that you can accessorize them with different jewellery and other adornments to enhance your beauty and complete your look. Once you have picked the right piece of clothing with the perfect colour, it’s time to pick the jewellery and accessories. Depending on your comfort and taste, decide if you would like to opt for really heavy jewellery or wear some with minimalist yet gorgeous designs. Your accessories must always complement ad go hand-in-hand with your dress. If your saree is of a subtle hue with beautiful patchwork or designs, moderately heavy jewellery can be ideal. In contrast, a lehenga with varied designs and sequin work might just be perfect with an elegant Chaandbaali. Thus, you can take your time and decide the kind of look you want to opt for.

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