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What Features make Indian Jewellery so Unique and Tempting to the Rest of the World?


2nd November 2020

Jewellery is a subject that can be discussed by everyone, notwithstanding every other factor in life. Whether the people debating this topic wear jewellery or not isn’t that essential. Jewellery of every culture is different, and it has an inherent uniqueness which cannot be achieved by any other culture. Indian Jewellery is not an exception to that, but still, and is one of the most popular and sought after jewellery style in the world.

The Mystery That Has Been Wrapped in Every Layer

If you are looking into the matter and thinking about the features that make Indian jewellery so unique to the rest of the world, then there is one factor that cannot be ignored. Since the west discovered it, the Indian subcontinent and its culture have been shrouded in mystery. Several practices of this culture were enough to imprint the idea of mystery in the minds of the visitors. Despite better channels of communication and regular exchange in several aspects of life and business, this piece of land still holds some of that old charm.

Some Nostalgia and Lingering Traditionalism

Yes, today the internet is enough to put an end to any queries one may have regarding the practices of the Indian culture. That information works on the logical side of the mind, but there is a side beyond it, which still looks for the mysterious, the unattainable, and the special. Indian jewellery design has also not been able to go much beyond this thought. Yes, Indians are creating pieces influenced by modern designs and trends, but somehow the traditional pieces have more importance and presence in the market.

The Features that You Need to Know About

There are certain features of Indian jewellery which makes it unique and so tempting to the rest of the world, and they are:

  • The designs of these pieces are astonishing. Despite taking forward a tradition and legacy that is thousands of years old, the designs have always remained fresh and impressive. These pieces are also the perfect amalgamation of traditional looks and modern style.
  • India is a huge country, and the cultures of this country differ from one area to the other. The impact of this change is also clearly visible on every aspect, including jewellery. The inherent variety of jewellery in every part of the country is stounding. From north to south, from east to waste, these varieties and differences are visible. No other culture or country can offer this much variety.
  • Use of gems is another crucial point which contributes to the unique and tempting nature of Indian jewellery. India has always been native to different kinds of gems, and usually, those are the ones used in creating these pieces. Even before it was possible to get various precious gemstones imported, the local artisans used locally available items to create beautiful pieces. Despite the convenience of the import these days, a sect of the Indian jewellery designers has continued and preserved that tradition carefully.

Despite the inclusion of modern elements in the jewellery, the inherent traditional nature of the pieces is still clearly visible. The capacity for balancing both influences is something that makes Indian jewellery so uniquely tempting. Moreover, every traditional Indian ensemble needs its complementary set of jewellery; otherwise, it won’t be complete or look as stunning, as it should.

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