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How do Children’s Clothing Brands Innovate Business

9th February 2018

Children’s clothing in UK has long seen a gradient from miniature semi-formals and suspenders. Almost as if in deliberate attempt to have the little tykes spoilt for choices, children’s clothing has moved out of the backseat and started riding shotgun, in all the departmental stores and fashion boutiques. The United Kingdom has seen some truly innovative marketing schemes put in place to cultivate the micro-market of children’s fashion. Not only do brands have to now worry about selling quality clothing items for infants and pre-teens, but also ensure that the young ones are ‘interested’ in shopping there. Let us have a quick look at how children’s clothing brands drum up business these days:


  • Several children’s clothing lines and departmental stores have sought to heavily invest on recreational section for the children. It is of no surprise that unless the child is enthusiastic about staying in the shop for too long, the parents and their wallets are going to follow the moody little fellow right out. Therefore, it is prudent to keep a soft-ball and trampoline pit or a children’s crèche area where they can stay busy, while the parents browse the selection.
  • Children are intuitive and love wearing their heart on their sleeves. It is not an uncommon sight these days for children to sport their favourite comic character or their favourite Popstar’s official merchandize. Music, movie, and cartoon merchandize tshirts and backpack are trending items that are known to fly off the shelves in children’s clothing stores. All the more reason for stocking on these pop culture merchandize is because most of them come with free accessories. More often than not the child eyes the free goodies, more than the clothing itself.

Children are like sponge; they like to engage themselves wherever they feel they have something to their liking, that they can absorb. To this effect, throwing a celebratory fiesta, on a Children’s occasion, having mascots who greet children and fool around with them, etc, are smart business moves. Sometimes, to commemorate some occasion or the other, or to announce a promotional tie-up with a children’s movie, for instance, shops for children’s clothing in UK ,invite celebrities to kick-off the event.

  • Children are better at socializing than adult. Savvy business owners and store managers often announce children’s fashion parades and as such which makes for a heartwarming sight. There is little to negligible competition. The pageant is more about bringing out the young ones to interact with the public. The adoration for these pageants and the feel-good vibe that hangs around these events often get featured in tabloids, online blogs and as such. This not only helps sales, but also gathers organic promotion and marketing for children’s clothing brands.

An even smarter tactic is to throw these pageants, or fiestas or events when there is a sale or a discount doing the rounds. Children’s fashion is not quite the booming market of complexities that adult fashion is about. But it is complex in its own enchanting way!


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