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5 Ways You Can Accessorise Your Saree Look Perfectly

11th December 2020

Over the decade, saree has gained popularity among women worldwide. This 6-yard sheer beauty can make anyone look gorgeous, attractive, and elegant. Saree provides you with the freedom to try out various designs, looks, and materials. It can be accessorised in any way to reveal your personality and sense of style. Various accessories can be teamed with a saree like ornaments, clutch, shoes, bracelets, bangles, bindi, etc. The type of accessory that you will pick for your saree should depend upon the style, design, occassion and colour. You can now get stylish fashion accessories online at a reasonable price.

Here Are Some Tips That You Must Keep In Mind While Choosing The Right Accessory With Your Saree

Wearing A Statement Jewellery Piece

Pairing your saree with bracelets, armlets, and neck chains is always in fad, but with the recent development in the fashion industry, the chunky style is again back in style. Women now wear big heavy pendants and go minimalist with the bracelet, and it is a great way to stand out in the crowd. Nowadays, women are wearing vintage gold jewellery at weddings. On the other hand, if you are wearing modern, quirky printed sarees or ready-to-wear sarees, you can pair them with heavy jewellery.

Wearing Waist Belt Is A New Normal

What goes around, comes around again. This phrase is true in all senses. The popular and ancient classic “Kamar bandh” is back again in the way of the waist belt. Golden and silver waist belts are very popular in wedding ceremonies, and they look great with any saree. Even these waist belts are available in stone-studded designs to make them look much more appealing and stylish.

Clutch Or Handbag

If you want to carry a bag while wearing a saree, you should avoid the larger ones. A stone-studded clutch goes great with a saree. Suppose you are carrying a handbag, better to carry something small and stylish that will accentuate the look. The Bling clutch is most demanding these days, and it will make a bold statement. You can carry a clutch of contrasting colour if your saree is plain. You can also carry a traditional “potli” that really goes with the traditional attire.


Holding the pallu and pleats with one hand and managing your clutch in another hand is a matter of trouble to many. One of the easiest ways to keep the saree in place and hide the safety pins is to use the brooch. Various designer and stone-studded brooches are available for holding pallus and pleats. You can also wear traditional jhoomers that look great and chic.

Designer Blouses

When you are wearing a stylish saree, not wearing the right blouse will make the look turn pale; hence, while you pair your saree with a designer blouse, make sure that it properly complements the saree. You can also wear a blouse that has a contrasting colour to your saree. You can get various designer blouses online at a pocket-friendly price.

These are 5 accessories that you can surely try with your saree. If you want to grab the latest collection of sarees along with fashionable accessories, check the website of Lotus Atelier.

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